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"Diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's, I have certain limitations with things such as my balance and I strongly believed (I now know) that the right type of exercise really helps my conditions. Emma spent time understanding my medical history; she really listened and observed on what I had difficulty with and felt comfortable doing. she then designed a program for me to follow that suits me and my lifestyle. I recommend Emma to anyone who wants a real personal touch."



"Three months ago I was six months post-baby, wobbly and with a very sore back. Emma has been amazing, guiding me in the right direction and helping me to build up all those sore and achy post-natal bits. I feel good, I look better and am totally motivated to continue my journey back into fitness. Emma has also been very flexible to fit in with my work and mummy duties. Highly recommended!"



"I've loved working out with Emma. Evening bootcamps have a great mix of people; Emma structures it so that the very fit can push themselves to the limit while people like me can do what they can! She also somehow finds a way to amend things on the fly for those with injuries. Personal Training has also been excellent for me because Emma has used a mix of different exercises and Pilates to ensure that I still get a great workout, despite my  knee injury."

"Emma makes training an (almost) enjoyable experience! Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, and our sessions are always personalised. It is thanks to Emma that I've become so much more fit and really enjoy exercise."


"Love training with Emma! The group is perfect for pushing your limits. every fitness level is respected and limitations are understood."


"I never thought that training could be fun and challenging at the same time. Emma's positive energy and vibe is contagious and pushes us all to exceed our limits."




"I am so grateful to Emma for helping me to regain my body strength, stability and flexibility post-baby and, most important of all, getting my body ready in a safe way to do the sort of exercise I could do before. Emma's personal and engaged approach is all about getting to know you and your needs and expectations. After 15 sessions with Emma, I not only notice a big difference in body strength and my diastasic recti (split abs) has significantly improved. Result!"



"Emma and BActive have completely turned my life around. I am fitter, leaner and have gone from not being able to run for a bus to running 5K. I was completely put off by group exercise until I started attending Emma's classes. Emma is totally committed to getting you to where you want to be, and is a tower of strength when you have difficulties. I couldn't recommend Emma enough."



"Emma is magic! I've always been sporty but with a full-on job and a small daughter, it's hard to get motivated sometimes. Emma won't let me slack off, so In the six months that I've been training with her, I've seen my shape change from saggy to toned. I have loads of energy and I'm fitter than I've ever been. I'm also back into the 'skinny' clothes that have been sitting unworn in the back of my closet for years!"